Manage the Physical Toll & Exhaustion of Divorce

The extreme stress that divorce puts on an individual can create mental and physical changes that may have an even greater impact on your future.  As part of our coaching process we look at the whole person and believe that taking care of yourself physically is important to your overall well-being.  Here are some ways we help you in this area:



  • We help you find ways to manage the physical manifestations of stress in ways that are meaningful to you.
  • Work with you to avoid leaning on unhealthy “crutches” to get you through the challenging divorce process.
  • Help you manage your physical space so that it can be a haven for you and your children.
  • Assist you in creating boundaries when dealing with your ex-spouse.
  • Work with you to create effective planning tools to deal with: having to go back to work, increase amount of work, have your kids more or less, manage more or less free time.