Our Coaches

Our coaches are professionally trained and are available to coach you by phone or virtual conferencing. If you are interested in knowing more, feel free to email or call!

Kelly Myers

Kelly was a stay-at-home-mom of three boys for 12 years before her marriage crumbled.  She experienced a long drawn out divorce and custody battle that lasted years and was emotionally, physically and financially crushing.  Kelly resolved to regain control over her life and decided to become a professional delevopment coach.  She seeks to help others navigate their divorce in a more productive and supported manner where they don’t feel alone and lost in the process.



Jim Myers

For the last 25 years Jim has managed many different business relationships from Fortune 100 to Fortune 1000 organizations all striving for a competitive edge. He has personally supported many colleagues through the trials and tribulations of managing workplace pressures and personal transitions tied to a change in marital status. He has also personally dealt with the many issues related to navigating the unique relationship with stepchildren and the other co-parent.  Through his personal experience and those of others he is focused on helping individuals maintain their professional and personal balance in a difficult and emotional divorce process.



Peggy Replogle

Peggy is an attorney, coach, and step-mother. She has over 20 years of combined experience as a divorce attorney, guardian ad litem, & coach. Peggy has helped people through all aspects of divorce. She has partnered to help those of you who are “stuck” in your decision to end your marriage or stay.  She knows the extreme turmoil involved for those of you making decisions about the emotional and financial care of children of divorce. Partnering with Peggy as your coach can help you navigate through the emotional roller-coaster of divorce and remain centered and focused in making crucial decisions that are often difficult and frustrating. Whether deciding if you want to end your marriage, or if you are already in the process, Peggy can assist you as you prepare for difficult conversations with your soon to be ex, conversations and decisions you need to make for the sake of the children, and the need to remain emotionally balanced. She can help you  prepare for attorney appointments and court proceedings. Peggy also knows the unique dynamics of being a step-parent and can help work though the ever-evolving stresses and challenges that only a step-parent can understand.  No matter your situation, Peggy will support you as you grow. She will lift you when you struggle. She will celebrate your joys. Contacting Peggy is the first step in honoring yourself during one of the most (if not THE) most difficult times of your life. You deserve to nourish your soul and take care of yourself!