Create a Plan to Handle Financial Challenges of Divorce

Divorce can be a very expensive venture and may change the financial quality of your life which creates additional upheaval in your already stressful life.  Although we do not give financial advice, as your divorce coach we can help to bring clarity to your financial picture by helping with the following:

  • Assisting you in the collection of all necessary financial information prior to filing for divorce.
  • Helping you gather all necessary financial information requested during the divorce process.
  • Help you prioritize your questions and streamline your communications with your attorney so that time spent is most productive and you are not wasting money on needless billable hours.
  • Work with you to determine the settlement issues that are important and will support you in your future goals.
  • Assist you in preparing a divorce budget to determine what kind of changes, if any, you will need to make to your current living situation, career, etc.